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A Duncan MacGregor Thriller (Dr. Duncan MacGregor Book 1)

Dr. Duncan “Mac” MacGregor, a world leader in complex brain tumor surgery, accepts an all-expense-paid offer to take his family to Seoul, South Korea. His only apparent responsibility is to lecture at an international neurosurgical conference and treat his family to a vacation. North Korean agents kidnap him from the lecture hall and take his family hostage. Drugged and transported to Pyongyang, he is faced with a choice– perform secret tumor surgery on the volatile dictator of North Korea, or die a terrible death with those he loves. Mac’s decision has world-changing consequences, releasing the threat of global atomic warfare. Pursued by a merciless assassin, he races against time to save his family and prevent a nuclear disaster. From a palace in Pyongyang to a safe house in New England, this electrifying story delivers nonstop action. It is filled with enough plot twists to keep you up late into the night promising yourself “just one more chapter.”

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