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Dr. Black’s love affair with writing began in high school. He trained in neurosurgery, became professor at Harvard, and spent years travelling with the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies. During that time, his interest in global and medical issues changed his life. The drive to understand the complexity of human experience led him to the written word.

His debut novel Seizure was a prize-winning story of international intrigue. Death by Denial, his second novel, looked at COVID-19 and the consequences of denying it. Now comes his third novel, Berserker, which examines domestic terrorism.

Dr. Black divides his time between Boston and London.

His Books

Packed with high-tech medicine, relatable characters, exotic locations, and unexpected plot twists, Black’s thrillers will keep you reading (or listening) into the night!
His novels examine contemporary problems through a medical lens, assessing the consequences of illness on world events, displaying cutting edge technology, and confirming the interconnectedness of global societies.
If you are looking for a medical thriller created by an expert in the medical field but also crafted with intelligence and passion, his books are for you. You can pick up all three Duncan MacGregor thrillers; Seizure, Death by Denial, and Berserker on Amazon now. Look out for Black’s newest thriller “NoFear” coming soon.